A Message from Vocal Opponents of Marisol Measure G

Claire & Tom McGreal, Lynn & Charlie Gaylord, John Goodkind & Felise Levine, Henry Abarbanel, Linda & Frank Chisari, Judy & Marc Schuckit, Mary & Jeff Friestedt, Pat JaCoby, Marc & Mai-Lon Gittelsohn, Carol Mason, Jill and John Gartman, Karolen Linderman, Sheila & Michael Sharpe, Penny & Buck Abell

Dear Del Mar Voters:

We were vocal opponents of Marisol Measure G. In fact, Claire McGreal was a panelist at the public forum at Town Hall, arguing against Measure G. Some of us wrote articles opposing Measure G that were published by the Sandpiper. We donated money, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and/or put our names on mailers opposing Measure G. We support Candidates Gans, Blair and Warren for City Council.

We do not appreciate the latest tirade launched by Terry Gaasterland and the Druker/Martinez campaigns falsely claiming that “ALL” supporters of Gans, Blair and Warren campaigned in favor of Measure G.

Nor do we appreciate the fact that Druker and Gaasterland recently cast two “no” votes that place our beloved North Bluff in greater jeopardy of upzoning to 20 units/acre or even more – resulting in the potential for hundreds of units on North Bluff.

Druker and Gaasterland’s Sept. 8, 2020 Council “no” votes (on a measure that required a 4/5ths supermajority to pass) placed Del Mar in violation of State law. Given a chance to correct those votes on Oct. 5, they doubled down. Del Mar is now in perilous jeopardy of losing its control over local land use issues, as set forth in our Community Plan.

How we got here: As Druker is well aware, Del Mar previously had a 2005-2012 4th Cycle Housing Element (HE) that failed to qualify for certification, because it failed to identify vacant sites zoned for 20 units per acre; and Del Mar had state-mandated housing (RHNA) numbers for 2003-2012 that it failed to meet. Dave Druker was on Council a majority of those years, and was mayor in 2003-04 and 2007-08. As a result of these failures, in its current 5th Cycle Housing Element (2013-2021), Del Mar received 15 penalty housing units, and agreed to amend the North Commercial (NC) zone to allow residential use at 20 units/acre. Druker was Mayor again in 2019, and he failed to set NC rezone on the agenda for a vote, nor did he or Gaasterland bring forward any alternatives to the NC rezone.

On September 8 and October 5, Del Mar had “last chance” opportunities to bring our 5th Cycle into compliance with State law by meeting our stated commitment to amend the NC zone, in time to avoid additional penalty provisions in our upcoming 6th Cycle, and in time to avoid action against Del Mar for being in noncompliance now. That is the sobering context by which we must evaluate Druker’s and Gaasterland’s “no” votes.

Where we are now:
5th Cycle noncompliance: The City received a formal enforcement letter on September 30, 2020, and after a 30-day required response period (to Oct. 30), we expect to be notified of enforcement actions/penalties that State may seek based on our noncompliance.

6th Cycle: The City is now submitting its 6th Cycle HE to the State. On Oct. 5, 2020 Council voted 3-2 in favor of the proposed 6th Cycle HE Draft. Druker and Gaasterland voted “No”. The 6th Cycle HE includes the NC zone (again), and the North Bluff and Staver properties as required by State law.

If the City cannot reach an agreement with the Fairgrounds to build affordable housing on that site, Del Mar must rezone a large part of the North Bluff to accommodate hundreds of units, and possibly also the South Bluff (Staver) property, to meet its State-mandated affordable housing numbers.

Importantly, the 6th Cycle Environmental Impact Report identifies a “No North Bluff” alternative, which is feasible IF we include the North Commercial rezone. That option is off the table without NC. That is, we could swap out the North Bluff and/or Staver lots if North Commercial is included in the 6th Cycle.

Furthermore, the City can anticipate receiving “penalty” housing numbers in its 6th Cycle for its 5th Cycle failure to adopt the NC zoning amendments – and there are few if any places in Del Mar that can absorb those penalty numbers other than North Bluff or Staver.

Druker, Gaasterland and Martinez seem to magically think that, if they were to be elected giving them a 3-2 majority on the Council, they can somehow evade State housing law. The fact is that NO municipality has successfully challenged the mandates set forth in California’s Affordable Housing laws. Protecting North Bluff, and preserving local control over our zoning and development, means electing to Council people who will bring us into compliance with State housing law.

Further, Gans, Blair and Warren support Del Mar’s 28/7 program to limit Short Term Rentals (STRs) in our residential neighborhoods, preserving the special character of our community as set forth in our Community Plan. Druker/Martinez say they will throw out our existing 28/7 program, but utterly fail to state what, if any, plan they have to control STRs. In fact, they are supported and endorsed by the Alliance of STR operators.

Join us in protecting North Bluff and our Community Plan by voting for Gans, Blair and Warren.


Henry Abarbanel
Penny and Buck Abell
Linda and Frank Chisari
Mary and Jeff Friestedt
Jill and John Gartman
Lynn and Charlie Gaylord
Marc and Mai-Lon Gittelsohn
John Goodkind and Felise Levine

Pat JaCoby
Karolen Linderman
Carol Mason
Claire and Tom McGreal
Judy and Marc Schuckit
Sheila and Michael Sharpe

Paid for by Bob Gans for Council 2020

Congressmember Mike Levin Endorses Gans and Warren

Bob Gans and Glenn Warren are pleased to announce that Congressmember Mike Levin (CA-49th) has endorsed them for Del Mar City Council.

Whether it is getting the SONGS radioactive waste safely moved away from our coast, securing our bluffs and keeping our coastal communities safe, or addressing climate change and sea level rise, it’s going to take local, state and federal collaboration to address the complex issues we face.

Glenn and Bob look forward to working on these key issues with Rep. Levin, who has provided strong leadership in Washington for Del Mar and the 49th District.

Paid for by: Bob Gans for Council 2020 and Glenn Warren for Del Mar City Council Committee

Does Terry Gaasterland Have No Shame?

On Saturday evening, Deputy Mayor Terry Gaasterland sent out an eblast (paid for by the Dave Druker/Tracy Martinez campaigns) which used violent imagery to make a series of false allegations against me, and to deflect blame from herself and Councilmember Druker for the City’s current affordable housing crisis. Terry falsely claims that I support upzoning the North Bluff and South Bluff (Staver) properties to 20 units per acre, to deflect from the votes she and Dave Druker cast that in fact increase the risk that these bluff properties will have to be upzoned.

She casts me as “pro-development” even though the Sierra Club, the leading defender of our environment for over 120 years, has endorsed me (and Glenn Warren), and has declined to endorse Druker or Martinez.

Her claims are ludicrous:

1. The North Bluff and Staver Properties are at higher risk of being upzoned because Druker and Gaasterland, with the support of Martinez, cast votes – twice – that blocked the Council from bringing the City into compliance with State law. Those votes, blocking the amendment required by our Housing Element to allow residential use in the North Commercial zone, put us in violation of State law, and will result in penalty units that put North Bluff and Staver at greater risk. Those votes put us at immediate risk not only of large fines, lawsuits, and other penalties, but of loss of local control over our zoning. How are we supposed to preserve our Community Plan if we don’t have control over our own zoning?

2. The City of Del Mar made a binding commitment to the State over 7 years ago to allow residential development in the North Commercial Zone. Druker has been on the Council for the past 4 years, and Gaasterland for the past two. If they had alternatives in mind, why have they waited until the 11th hour – after the State warned us that inaction by the Council in September would put us in jeopardy of penalties – to suggest them? More importantly, why are they ignoring the unanimous opinions of the City professional staff and the Planning Commission that their suggested alternatives do not meet State law and are inadequate to bring us into compliance?

3. Gaasterland, Druker and Martinez have begun to spread the unfounded lie that I am captive of developers from whom I have accepted campaign contributions. Nothing could be further from the truth. The identities of my campaign contributors are a matter of public record, and none of them are developers involved in any commercial projects in Del Mar. In fact, with 4 exceptions, all of my contributors are full-time residents of Del Mar. In contrast, 20% to 30% of the money raised by Druker and Martinez has come from non-residents. Why are people who don’t even live in Del Mar so interested in our politics, or in seeing Druker and Martinez elected?

This is just the latest instance in which Councilmembers Druker and Gaasterland have refused to take responsibility for their own failings, to the point of blaming people like me who have never even served on the Council. This is not the only crisis our community is currently facing. On August 28, the NCTD filed a petition with the Federal Surface Transportation Board to proceed with fencing the train tracks, and to prevent the train tracks from ever being moved off the bluffs. The City did not learn of this action until late August, even though Druker and/or Gaasterland have been Del Mar’s representatives to the NCTD Board for the past four years. Whose fault is it that they didn’t know the NCTD Board was preparing to take this action, if not theirs?

When Dave Druker, Terry Gaasterland and Tracy Martinez cast me as an enemy of Del Mar, they are attacking a 20-year resident, an 8-year officer of the Del Mar Foundation, and a member of the City’s Finance Committee for the past 5 years. They are attacking a candidate who, unlike them, has been endorsed by the Sierra Club. I have also been endorsed by the Torrey Pines Democratic Club, the San Diego County Democratic Party, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Southwest.

Terry, Dave and Tracy attacked not only me, but also all of my supporters, a group that includes prominent opponents of Measure G, as well as supporters; Sierra Club members; and people across a wide spectrum of views. Terry, Dave and Tracy are attacking a proven bridge-builder with the image of a ticking time bomb. Is this what we accept as political discourse in Del Mar?

It is time to reject the politics of divisiveness, demonization and fear mongering. Let’s send a message to Dave, Terry and Tracy that we won’t sink to their level of deception and be susceptible to their dissemination of misinformation, nor will we condone the use of violent imagery to incite fear-based voting. Let’s all use our votes to tell them that we’re better than that.

If you have any concerns or questions about my positions, please call me at 858-342-4656. Join me in embracing a positive, constructive dialogue for the future of our little slice of paradise.

Best regards,


Bob Gans Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Bob Gans has received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest, evidence of his commitment to policies that improve the health and protect the privacy of women and their families.

For more than 100 years, Planned Parenthood health centers have provided preventative health care to millions of women, men, and young people, earning the nation’s confidence and trust.

As the leading advocate for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest health centers, women trust Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest to give them accurate information about where candidates stand in protecting women’s health.

Our Reasons for Running Changed Last Night

We listened in amazement as Councilmembers Druker and Gaasterland voted to violate the Del Mar Community Plan. They ignored the unanimous recommendation of the Planning Commission and, in the process, according to the City Attorney and staff, exposed the City to:

  • Fines of up to $100,000 per month
  • Decertification of our Community Plan’s Housing Element
  • Penalty units (that is, there will now be an increase in the number of housing units Del Mar is assigned by the State)
  • Lawsuits by the State and by private parties, costing upwards of $1 million
  • Most important: loss of our local zoning control, and loss of the ability to defend our Community Plan.

Think we’re exaggerating? Read the official City staff report and check out these two slides from the staff presentation. Deputy Mayor Gaasterland even called everyone who was against her position a “NIMBY” (which presumably includes every member of the Planning Commission), fanning the flames of political divisiveness.

Frankly, we don’t know if there is time to clean up the mess that Dave and Terry have created, but we must elect new Councilmembers who will at least try. We need to elect people who will prevent them from causing any more damage to Del Mar over the next four years – not those who will enable them.

Please call or email us if you want to discuss. More importantly, call Dave and Terry, and tell them to stop the immature name-calling. We’re not NIMBYs and neither are you.

philblair@delmar2020.com bobgans2020@gmail.com glennwarrenforcouncil@gmail.com

Sierra Club Endorses Gans and Warren

The Sierra Club announced two endorsements yesterday in the Del Mar City Council race, giving the nod to Glenn Warren and Bob Gans.

The announcement coincided with an extreme heat wave and wildfire threats that underscore the importance of electing candidates who will be champions for our environment.

The Sierra Club’s endorsement process is a rigorous one: evaluating past environmental records of candidates and responses to an extensive questionnaire, and conducting probing interviews led by a Sierra Club team with extensive knowledge of environmental issues on a local, regional, national and global level.

Glenn and Bob are strongly committed to Del Mar’s Cimate Action Plan, protection of our ocean and beaches, lagoon, and open spaces, and ensuring clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment for all.

They share the Sierra Club’s goal “to accelerate a transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy for all,” and are proud that Del Mar has been rated by the Sierra Club’s “Ready for 100” campaign as one of the U.S. cities that is committed to 100% clean and renewable energy. Because Del Mar founded and joined the Clean Energy Alliance along with its partners Solana Beach and Carlsbad, we are well on our way to cleaner, healthier and more affordable energy, and we are gaining local control over our energy future.

This is a critical time in shaping Del Mar’s environmental future. Bob and Glenn look forward to working together with you to achieve Del Mar’s goals for a sustainable and healthy environment.

Endorsements by Sierra Club San Diego Chapter are here.

Del Mar’s Community Plan is the foundation for our City’s future

I’d like to directly address something I’ve heard from a few people: “Bob supported Measure G, the Marisol project. That means that he’ll sell out our Community Plan to the highest bidder.”

Nothing could be further from the truth!

I thought it was critical for Marisol to go to a public vote. That’s what we’ve done in the past on key projects: the Hotel and Plaza, 941 Camino del Mar, and Prop. J (downtown revitalization). In each of those cases, the community discussion and debate was critically important in shaping big projects and staying true to the vision and goals of our Community Plan.

The Community Plan itself went to a public vote (twice!), and set the standard for the robust citizen activism that is the hallmark of the Del Mar way. The Community Plan is of utmost importance to me.

Measure G posed complex issues, and reasonable people could and did disagree. I supported Measure G, and believe I had good reasons for doing so. Nevertheless, I understood that there were good arguments on both sides, and that the most important thing was to have a thorough public debate and vote. We did, and now we have a clear decision. Now, it’s time to move on to address our current challenges.

I am proud of the fact that many of my early endorsers are supporting me even though they disagreed with my position on Measure G (and perhaps other issues as well). They understand from knowing and working with me over the past 20 years that, even though we may disagree on a particular issue, we still share the same underlying values and goals. They also understand, as do I, that it is time to stop looking backward and re-litigating the issues that have already been decided, and start looking forward and working together toward building a better future.

As embodied in our Community Plan, our values and goals include: maintaining Del Mar as a village-like community, preserving our special neighborhood character, protecting our environment and open space, and promoting a vital downtown. I am totally committed to these values and goals.

If you would like to discuss any of this, or if you ever hear anything about me that concerns you, please pick up the phone and give me a call at 858-342-4656. You still may end up not voting for me, but at least your decision will be based on what I have said rather than what you have heard second hand.

Best regards,

Paid for by Gans for Council 2020, Joel Holliday, Treasurer