Thanks, and Congrats to Tracy, Dan and Dave

Dear Friends: Although the presidential contest continues on, it appears that our City Council election has been decided. Congratulations to Tracy, Dan and Dave – They ran very effective campaigns and were passionate advocates for their message. Please join me in supporting them as they lead us through the challenges confronting Del Mar, and workContinue reading “Thanks, and Congrats to Tracy, Dan and Dave”

Unexplored Solutions? Do They Really Exist?

In any campaign season, we can expect to see wild claims about opposing candidates, factually unsupported claims, and simplistic solutions to complex problems. This year is no exception. We all know that Del Mar is out of compliance with State housing law, and the potential consequences include loss of local control over our zoning andContinue reading “Unexplored Solutions? Do They Really Exist?”

Congressmember Mike Levin Endorses Gans and Warren

Bob Gans and Glenn Warren are pleased to announce that Congressmember Mike Levin (CA-49th) has endorsed them for Del Mar City Council. Whether it is getting the SONGS radioactive waste safely moved away from our coast, securing our bluffs and keeping our coastal communities safe, or addressing climate change and sea level rise, it’s goingContinue reading “Congressmember Mike Levin Endorses Gans and Warren”

A Message from Vocal Opponents of Marisol Measure G

Claire & Tom McGreal, Lynn & Charlie Gaylord, John Goodkind & Felise Levine, Henry Abarbanel, Linda & Frank Chisari, Judy & Marc Schuckit, Mary & Jeff Friestedt, Pat JaCoby, Marc & Mai-Lon Gittelsohn, Carol Mason, Jill and John Gartman, Karolen Linderman, Sheila & Michael Sharpe, Penny & Buck Abell Dear Del Mar Voters: We wereContinue reading “A Message from Vocal Opponents of Marisol Measure G”

Does Terry Gaasterland Have No Shame?

On Saturday evening, Deputy Mayor Terry Gaasterland sent out an eblast (paid for by the Dave Druker/Tracy Martinez campaigns) which used violent imagery to make a series of false allegations against me, and to deflect blame from herself and Councilmember Druker for the City’s current affordable housing crisis. Terry falsely claims that I support upzoningContinue reading “Does Terry Gaasterland Have No Shame?”

Bob Gans Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Bob Gans has received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest, evidence of his commitment to policies that improve the health and protect the privacy of women and their families. For more than 100 years, Planned Parenthood health centers have provided preventative health care to millions of women, men, and youngContinue reading “Bob Gans Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund”

Our Reasons for Running Changed Last Night

We listened in amazement as Councilmembers Druker and Gaasterland voted to violate the Del Mar Community Plan. They ignored the unanimous recommendation of the Planning Commission and, in the process, according to the City Attorney and staff, exposed the City to: Fines of up to $100,000 per month Decertification of our Community Plan’s Housing ElementContinue reading “Our Reasons for Running Changed Last Night”

Sierra Club Endorses Gans and Warren

The Sierra Club announced two endorsements yesterday in the Del Mar City Council race, giving the nod to Glenn Warren and Bob Gans. The announcement coincided with an extreme heat wave and wildfire threats that underscore the importance of electing candidates who will be champions for our environment. The Sierra Club’s endorsement process is aContinue reading “Sierra Club Endorses Gans and Warren”

Del Mar’s Community Plan is the foundation for our City’s future

I’d like to directly address something I’ve heard from a few people: “Bob supported Measure G, the Marisol project. That means that he’ll sell out our Community Plan to the highest bidder.” Nothing could be further from the truth! I thought it was critical for Marisol to go to a public vote. That’s what we’veContinue reading “Del Mar’s Community Plan is the foundation for our City’s future”