10.18.2020 – Watermark Development Moving Forward in North Commercial Zone, Fast-Tracked by State Law Without Environmental or Aesthetic Review by Del Mar

10.18.2020 – Congressmember Levin endorses Gans and Warren
10.13.2020 – Del Mar Fire Fighters Local 4163 endorse Bob Gans
10.12.2020 – Vocal Opponents of Marisol Measure G release message supporting Gans, Blair, and Warren

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10.12.2020 blog: Does Terry Gasterland Have No Shame?
9.19.2020 blog: Gans endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund
9.9.2020 – Joint Statement by Blair, Gans, and Warren on Council Vote Against Following Community Plan on North Commercial Rezone

9.8.2020 – Key Slides, City Council Staff Report on NC Zone Amendments

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9.7.2020 – Gans letter to City Council – urging support of Community Plan by following recommendation of Planning Commision and State agreement to rezone North Commercial

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9.6.2020 – Candidate Q&A Zoom

8.12.2020 – Bob Gans “Why I’m Running” Video